Monday, February 7, 2011

Not the way we like to spend our weekends....

Friday afternoon, finishing up the day at work, looking forward to a wonderful, relaxing weekend with my husband and son. I get a call from Marilyn saying Aiden has a slight fever... 102.4. I pick him up and get him a doctor's appointment for that evening, because Jeff and I had noticed over the past 2 days that he was playing with his ear. Now with a fever, we automatically start thinking Ear Infection!

Nope... doctor looked him over, said everything looks fine, just that his body is trying to fight something. Said to alternate Tylenol and Motrin every 4 and 6 hours. This seemed to work well for Saturday, keeping his temp around 100.

The next night, after Aiden was in bed, we get him up around 11:30pm for his next dose of Tylenol. His temp was 104.4. We called the doctor on-call and he suggested a sponge bath, and if he wasn't acting like himself, then take him to Children's. Aiden loved his midnight sponge bath and was playing and splashing like normal - smiling, giggling, etc. Nothing out of character. So, we put him back to bed. He wakes up in the morning with a slightly reduced temperature. 103.4. Throughout Sunday we were able to keep his temperature down to around 99-101. This was encouraging! He continued to play and act like normal!

Sunday evening we give him his dinner, his bath, and put him to bed. At 10am we hear him in his crib slightly crying, but not really upset. I go in to check on him. He's burning hot! I take his temp, and it's 103. We decide, that since he still had an hour and a half til his next dose of meds, that we had better take him to Children's. His fever wasn't going to go down in the hour and a half on it's own!

We arrive in the ER, only to find that there is no one there, and they can take us right back! (the woman who took us to our room said about 30 minutes before we arrived they were packed!) The nurse takes his temp (rectally, he loved that.....) and it was 104. They give him some Tylenol. The doctor came in (Dr. Johnson.... I am in love with this woman! She was amazing!) and looked him over and said she wanted to do a flu test (even though he's had his flu shot, some Influenza B can still sneak in) and she wanted to run some bloodwork. So, they shoved a tube up Aiden's nose, a needle in his arm, and another thermometer up his butt.... he was not a happy camper! After all that was done, he slept peacefully while we waited for the results.

The results: No flu (yay!). White blood cell counts: 19.2 (they like them to be 12). The doctor came in and said there's obviously something his body is fighting, so they would give him a couple shots in his legs and we would follow up with our pediatrician for the next 2 days for more shots and that should take care of it. However, before she left the room, she decided to order a chest x-ray.

So, off we went to the imaging center in Children's. It took about 1 minute, and we were back in our room waiting for the results...

The results: Pneumonia. But just the start of it. Praise the Lord for a thorough doctor, and for giving her the thought to do a chest x-ray!

So, the treatment is the same as she had planned before. We will take Aiden for the second round of shots this evening and another round tomorrow. Hopefully this will take care of everything!

Until last night, we had only been to Dayton Children's for scheduled appointments for Aiden's Hypospadias and his flat head. Now, after our experience in the ER, I am convinced that everyone who works there are saints! Each and every person we encountered, from the security guards, to the registration lady, to the nurses, doctors, x-ray techs, everyone.... they were so exceptionally kind, caring, helpful, I could go on and on! We are SO blessed to have such an awesome facility only 25 minutes from our home!

Thank you everyone for all your prayers for him! They are all appreciated!

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